A Cold Drive – by Otis Holmes – a person sees a hitch-hiker for a cool snowy drive.

A Cold Drive – by Otis Holmes – a person sees a hitch-hiker for a cool snowy drive.

A Boy And their puppy – by Drew – a brief tale about a child’s masturbation experiences aided by the family members dog. (m/dog, beast, first, mast)

A Boy And their mom – by Primmrose – a child spends the night time at their closest friend’s household and has now a quick training in ecstasy together with buddy’s mom. Their buddy then teaches him this is of real relationship. (Fm-teen, mm-bi, ped, exh)

A Brewster Thanksgiving – by J.O. Dickingson – that is an account involving four brothers, two preteens and two thirteen-year-olds, two of these long-forgotten kin, and selection of their classmates gaining a residential area Thanksgiving pageant. (homosexual, teen/pre, household, inc)

A Cold Drive – by Otis Holmes – a person sees a hitch-hiker for a cool drive that is snowy. It could be outside that is cold it surely gets hotter while the drive profits. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast)

A Con Goer Get’s Conned – by Bottomsup – Anime conventions can occasionally have a genuine twist. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, anal)

A Dad’s Letter – by dale10 – A Dad informs exactly how he controls their three sons. (M/m+, ped, nc, inc, huml, v)

every day In The Beach – by Otis Holmes – guy takes their spouse to a secluded nude coastline and they meet a complete stranger whom starts their eyes. (MMF, bi, exh)

each day in the gloryhole – by wantsum – i became investing the afternoon at the adult guide shop and chose to look at the stands. (MM, dental, glory)

an at the naturist beach – by tom hull – a couple go to naturist beach day. It really is her very first time. Intimate play between your few in the front of a guy that is nude destination. Then your action moves to the dunes where they will have a threesome. (MMF, exh, 1st-bi-expr)

every day atat the pool – by darin m – sean along with his buddies invest the afternoon during the pool. (mmm-teens)

each and every day To Forget – by Dave – a poor time results in a memorable experience. (MM, tv, 1st-gay exp)

your dog Orgy – by Randall – a person views band of dogs fucking bitch in temperature, interest extends to him in which he joins, then therefore does another guy. (MM, anal, orgy, beast)

A Fainting Spell In The Jacuzzi – by Bhuralund – on holiday, a nookie that is little the jacuzzi between wife and husband gets hot up to a boiling point when she faints plus some strangers walk in. (MMF, nc, MM-bi, wife, intr, voy, cuck, alcohol)

A Fantasy Lived – by UncleJoe85 – Unhappy in the home, a mature guy seeks to satisfy their key dream become liked by another man. (MM, first homosexual experience)

A Father’s Destiny – by BMAN – a daddy tosses out their homosexual son and gets a lesson that is tough. (MM, nc, rp, inc, mast, anal, bd, asian)

A Father’s Love – by Alex_M – a kid and their father meet for the very first time and they both find a lot more than they expected within the other. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, inc) component 2

A Gay Fantasy – by Steve Jensen – i will be a reasonably right, normal man in the mid-30’s whom truly doesn’t do a great deal out from the norm. We have a spouse, two kids, home financing, along with constantly considered myself more or less the label of a young urban expert. We also fit in with a fairly exclusive health and fitness center that We see three evenings per week. We thought bi guys fuck We knew everything about myself — until a week ago. (M/m-teen, first experience that is gay

a buddy – by Eager 46 – Twelve year old Alan discovers a German “Gay” mag while walking their dog into the forests. (bb, f-teen/bb, first, mast, dental, 1st-bi-exper) any occasion Romance – by Magus – a few enjoy a well obtained break international and meet another more youthful few remaining nearby. (MF-teens, MM, 1st-bi-expr, mast, dental, anal, exh, rom)

A Horny television’s out – by Graham F Cutler – A story about a Bi Transvestite who meets up with some guys (and unintentionally with a dog) for sex night. Then he satisfies a horny woman that is young he presents to their perverted way of living. (MM, MF, M/beast, exh, cd, television)

A hot evening in peru – by Anubis31 – He gets caught because of the Peruvian Army. (MM, reluc, 1st-gay-expr)

A Letter to Red – by Jizzbo44 – a page to a bisexual friend defines a present stop by at a porno store. (MM, oral)

A Memorable Fourth Cock – by Hornyalias – a real story, simply per month old, of the married guy’s 4th bisexual encounter – but first happy experience. (MM)

an on the beach – by anubis – a twink goes from virgin to expert, thanks to an older man morning. (MM, 1st-gay-expr)

a brand new Starting – by Zula – a spouse’s sex is challenged in the front of their spouse. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, anal, control, intr, huml)

A New Experience – by Hud01 – Dave, a married guy, has their very first homosexual experience. James is more youthful, stronger and contains a lengthy cock that is thick. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal)

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